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Kommando Beschreibung
/spawn Teleports you to the main world spawn point.
/spawn. Teleports you to your bed/home location if it is set. Note the point "." on the end of "/spawn."
/spawn! Set the location of your bed/home to your current location.
/spawn? Displays coordinates of you, the world spawn point, and your bed/home location if set.




Kommando Beschreibung
/spawn+ mylavabase Creates your named location "mylavabase" at your current location.
/spawn mylavabase Takes you to your named location "mylavabase".
/spawns Displays a sorted list of your named locations. The ones in this dimension are highlighted. Any shared location names are listed first and begin with an at sign. Example: @maincastle.
/spawn- henrysplace Removes your named location "henrysplace" from the list.
/spawn+ enable Enables advanced commands on this server. By default this feature can only be enabled or disabled by an op (server operator).
/spawn+ disable Disables the use of advanced commands on this server. Some may consider these features too over powered and might want just the 4 simple commands at the top above (simple is the default configuration). You may set permissions for every command. You may fully disable any command. You may rename any command. These customizations and more are in the config files.
/spawn+ bobislost -123 65 42 Creates a named location at the coordinates you specify, then you are immediately teleported there. Imagine your friend Bob. He is very lost and needs your help so he tells you his coordinates...
/spawn+ @tradecenter Creates a shared location named "@tradecenter" where you are, if you are an op (server operator). All shared location names will be listed at the beginning of everyone's list of locations.
/back Takes you back to where you last teleported from or where you last died. Which ever event happened last.
/home Normally this takes you to your bed/home location. If the misc config option homewithnamedlocations is set to true then this dislays a list if your named spawn locations.
/sethome Normally and always sets your bed/home location to where you are now.
/home henrys-castle Takes you to your location named "henrys-castle" if the misc config option homewithnamedlocations is set to true.
/sethome niceview Creates a location named "niceview" if the misc config option homewithnamedlocations is set to true.
/spawn- niceview would remove the name from the list.

/ta has been added for mc1.7.10 and mc1.8 but not mc1.6.4 or mc1.7.2

TA means Teleport Ask. Similar to /tpa elsewhere. Currently available in Version 2.1.0 and up only.

/ta PlayerName Asks permission to teleport to a player. Once your request is accepted then try again with just /ta to teleport to that player.
/ta yes|accept|ok Accepts a request to teleport to you for 45 seconds.
/ta no|deny Denies a request to teleport to you.
/ta allow|deny all Allows or denies all requests for 45 seconds. Useful to allow a group of friends to teleport to you all at once within that time. example: /ta allow all
/ta help will always display the quick reference of /ta commands.
/spawnblockdata Displays information about the block you are standing on and the block at your feet and the one at your head. This is intended for ops to find the name of blocks that it is ok to spawn into such as a new vine or tall grass etc. Then those block names may be added to a config file for use.
/spawn help Displays a quick reference of all spawn commands in game.


  • Both Single and Multi player
  • Only needed on server side for multiplayer servers.
  • Handles cross dimension teleports.
  • Has teleport safety checks for spawning inside blocks, falling down, and lava below your feet.
  • You can use the simple commands or get fancy and use it all.
  • Config files allow very advanced configuration including command disabling, renaming, permissions, and more.
  • Source code is included in the mod's jar file.

This is a Forge mod. No Bukkit is needed.
It keeps your angle of view so you always arrive looking the same way as when you created the named location.


Version2.0.0 / 2.2.2
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